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DTO firmly believes that access to good sanitation is a universal right and aims to improve the quality and accessibility of sanitation facilities in the Netherlands and developing countries. The mission statement had a great influence in determining the objectives of the organization.



1 To ensure that toilets are enough hygienic and accessible, especially for elderly and people with disabilities

2 To conduct research in the field of sanitation and distribute all relevant knowledge with our target groups

3 To cooperate and share knowledge with developing countries in order to improve sanitation




The idea of Dutch Toilet Organisation (DTO) was born after the high level of interest in the ‘Friendly Restrooms for Elderly People/ Intelligent toilet’ project which was funded by the European Union. The founding members created DTO in 2008.


From 2016 the DTO would like to expand and offer its services to the whole world to

fulfil the core mission of the organization.


We believe in:

• Sustainability • Sanitation for all • Youth • Education • Development


Gerard van Es


Chair of Board - Executive Director


A social entrepreneur who is keen to identify social challenges and finding innovative solutions. Innovation and education are very important for (new) jobs and the development of people in the Netherlands but also in developing countries. Werk Incubator Foundation and DTO offer training s and research topics for graduation assignments for students. See my LinkedIn profile for more information.


email: gjvanes@dutchtoilet.nl

Mehdi Horstmanshoff


Board Member - Treasurer


email: mehdi@dutchtoilet.nl


Multimedialist: developing or changing business online and offline. Involved in starting, expanding or changing businesses.


On the basis of participation or hiring,

in formalized partnerships or as a sponsor;

always based on long-term


by going to the chair of the business, owner or manager


On structuring and optimizing revenues in sales and cost insight and control


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