DTO Graduation Programme

DTO Graduation Programme

What is the Graduation Programme?


DTO firmly believes that youth involvement is crucial in achieving the objectives of the organisation. Not only because today’s young professionals will be the leaders of the future but because many talented young people struggle to find a job after graduation. DTO would like to bridge the gap between the universities and the job market through its Graduation Programme.


What does DTO offer?


DTO would like support the students in as many ways as possible. We encourage our students to conduct field research in their target countrie(s) and we further offer:


- A working station in the office in case you prefer to work in an office environment rather than libraries or study rooms

- Publishing opportunity on our webpage and we encourage you to seek academic publishing opportunities

- Working in an international environment, not only in the office but also on your field trips

- An opportunity to join our team


Research topics


The research topics represent some of the areas where the organisation is currently active. However, we are open to new ideas and if you are interested please do not hesitate to share your research idea with us!


Developing Countries


Exploring the accessibility and conditions of public toilets in the Netherlands


Investigating sanitation in Kaduna state, Nigeria

Analysing and improving the design of the Foilet


Designing a new toilet that is inclusive regarding all disabilities

Monitor and Evaluate the My Toilet, Our Future project in Nigeria

Foilet and building materials

Investigating the policies on public toilets in the Netherlands and in the EU

New designs for raised pit latrines

Research on toilets in emergency situations


Latrine emptying and desludging

Self-cleaning mobile toilet design



Market research on indispensable sanitary products

Public toilet for females only (P-toilet)













In case you have any questions or you would like to get involved with the organisation please, contact us.


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