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The Netherlands


The Netherlands has a strong connection to water due to the geographical characteristics of the country. The organization focuses on monitoring and improving the state of public toilets especially their quality and accessibility.


Our goal is to ensure that all people have access to high quality, accessible toilets for elderly people and people with disabilities.


In cooperation with various organizations in the Netherlands, DTO conducts research, seeks innovative solutions and advises policy makers.

Developing countries


DTO would like focus on the fundamental reasons why sanitation is neglected in certain regions around the world. According to the Millennium Development Goals Report 2015 there are approximately 2.4 billion people with access to poor sanitation facilities including almost a billion who still defecate in the open.


DTO would like to contribute to decreasing the significant sanitation gap between rural and urban areas in developing region by offering practical and innovative solutions together with education about sanitation.



DTO firmly believes in the power of education and youth. Young people will be the leaders of tomorrow and to support them good education is crucial. Currently, the organization focuses on smaller children and students in their tertiary education.

The DTO Graduation Programme is focusing on students who are writing their Bachelor, Master thesis or PhD. Besides providing support there is a possibility to further improve your research into a project.


From a very small age it is essential to learn about sanitation around the world. The DTO will organize educative session to spread the necessity of sanitation among younger generations with a special focus on developing countries.

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